New Patients

Upon entering our clinic and checking-in with one of our staff, we will have you complete some paperwork in order for us to get to know you better as well as the focus of your treatment. We will also go over your insurance benefits with you before we start. A physical therapist will perform your initial evaluation, where you discuss your past medical history, specific movements or activities that bother you, and any questions or concerns with the issue you are having. Having this open conversation will help the therapist best get to the root of the problem and develop a personalized plan for you during your course of treatment. The therapist will discuss this plan with you before you leave so you know what to expect before the next physical therapy session. This can include completion of exercises, stretching, a hands-on approach from the therapist, and modalities. You may be sent home with some exercises or stretches to kickstart the program. 

Once you have finished with the initial evaluation with the therapist, check out with our staff to schedule all of your future physical therapy sessions. While we do offer many convenient times, they can book up quickly. The sooner you secure your appointment time, the more likely you will get the times that work best for you

After you complete this session, the physical therapist will complete a report that will be sent to your referring provider so they are aware of our plan for treatment for your specific case.

If you have questions at any time, please let us know! We want to equip you with knowledge about your care and help you on the road to recovery


What to wear?

During each physical therapy session, you may be doing some light stretching and moderate exercise. It is recommended that patients wear loose-fitting athletic wear clothing that you can easily move around in and allows your therapist easy access to the area being treated. Also, choose appropriate footwear such as athletic shoes. We want you to be comfortable during your physical therapy session. Please avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, or scented lotions as some patients may be allergic.

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